[Fontconfig] patch: destroy ~/.fonts.cache-2 if it doesn't start with FC_GLOBAL_MAGIC_COOKIE or no string can be read at all from that file.

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Mon Jan 30 11:44:19 PST 2006

A colleague again had a problem with a apparently broken
~/.fonts.cache-2 file. The file is here:


The file is huge (78 Megabytes) and apparently broken, as it doesn't

When calling

    fc-match sans

this took a lot of time *always* the broken file was never fixed.
Actually it grew bigger and bigger all the time.

I believe if FcGlobalCacheLoad () cannot read any string at all from
~/.fonts.cache-2 or if the file does not start with
FC_GLOBAL_MAGIC_COOKIE it should exit with "goto bail_and_destroy;" to
delete the broken file instead of just "return;".

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