[Fontconfig] IRC Meeting (#freedesktop@Freenode) tomorrow Friday, 14Jul06, 20:00 GMT: Fonts; choosing fonts; fonts.conf; fontconfig

Simos Xenitellis simos74 at gmx.net
Thu Jul 13 12:49:28 PDT 2006

Dear All,

I would like to announce an IRC meeting that will take place tomorrow
Friday, 14th July 2006, at 20:00 GMT, at #freedesktop on Freenode (IRC).

To find the exact local time for your country, see
For example, if you are in Paris, the meeting is on Friday at 10:00pm.
If you are in Asia/Australia, it will probably be inconvenient. Please
mail me about it. If there is enough interest (>5 e-mails), we can
arrange a repeat meeting. Tell me what time is suitable for you. This is
particularly important for Indic/CJK/etc font issues.

The expected duration is 1 hour. Based on interest and support, we may
arrange extra sessions. 

The agenda includes:
1. discussion on basic issues on fonts; font licenses; 
2. building a list of 'desirable' FLOSS fonts for each language/script;
tell us your preference; promote your preference
3. build an 'optimal' fonts.conf file (+ suggest
snippets for fonts.d/); LSB common font repository
4. discuss the proposed fontconfig patch for granular font selection,
5. discuss on writing a patch for fontconfig to disregard glyphs from
fonts in a very low level (as if the font did not have those glyphs in
the first place)

The webpage of this discussion is at

The discussion (irclog) will be saved at the above URL as well.

Extra reading
1. Call to test the DejaVu fonts
2. The Open Font License (OFL) by SIL International
3. Fonts page on the Freedesktop Wiki
4. OpenFonts page on the Ubuntu Wiki
5. Fonts management
6. Font issues across distros
7. Enhancing pango/fontconfig to help solve font issues
8. re: fontconfig support to exclude glyphs from fonts
9. Open source casts new mold for type design (recent font article)

A similar IRC meeting took place last week, on input methods and
multilingual writing support in Xorg; the discussion is available at

Please forward this announcement where you feel appropriate.

Hope to see you tomorrow,

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