[Fontconfig] fontconfig match question

Stephen C. North north at research.att.com
Mon Jul 17 09:05:16 PDT 2006

OK, "fail over to a default font" may not be quite the right way to describe
what happens.  At the end of the day, when fontconfig can't resolve a request
like "Cursive-Script-Like-Don-Knuth's-Handwriting at 12 pt" to anything
better, its rule of last resort substitutes a system default like "Sans".
In our world, we would consider this worth a runtime warning.  So, how can
I tell if the last resort rule was matched?  Just check if the family
is "Sans" when we didn't ask for "Sans"?

BTW, it's impressive that a request for Arial can be resolved to Albany AMT.
How was that knowledge built into fontconfig?  Rule by painstaking rule,
defined manually by the fontconfig developers?

Thanks for writing this software and making it possible for us to use it.

Stephen North

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