[Fontconfig] language orthography ignored?

Egmont Koblinger egmont at uhulinux.hu
Thu Mar 2 11:18:44 PST 2006


Up to fontconfig 2.2.97 my gnome-terminal (configured to use "Fixed Bold
12") as well as the pure vte application (patched to use this font too)
behaved like this:

If I started it with LANG=en_US or en_US.UTF-8 or something similar, then it
used a character set where special Hungarian letters (such as "ő": o with
double acute, U+0151) had a completely different look than o, ó, and ö
(which are part of Latin-1 as opposed to the double acute version).

But if I launched it with LANG=hu_HU (which is a Latin-2 locale) or
LANG=hu_HU.UTF-8 then it chose a completely different font where the special
Hungarian letters had the same design as other characters.

After all, I was perfectly happy with this.

Beginning with 2.2.98, even up to the current 2.3.94, the situation is
different. If I start these applications with LANG=hu (which is not a valid
locale according to glibc) then I get the same charset as I did before for
Hungarian, it looks okay. However, if I have LANG=hu_HU or LANG=hu_HU.UTF-8
(or LANG=hu.UTF-8, which isn't valid either), then it uses the same font as
in the en_US case, which is terribly ugly for Hungarian characters.

So I have a feeling that somehow newer fontconfigs fail to match the "hu_HU"
or "hu_HU.UTF-8" locale against the "hu" orthograpy rules. Is it possible,
or do I miss something else?

I haven't yet been able to track down its reason, but I found that if I copy
hu.orth to hu_HU.orth and recompile fontconfig then it behaves in the Good
Old way, brings up the font where Hungarian text looks okay. So it finds and
applies the "hu-HU" orthograply rules, but doesn't find the "hu" rules,
although I guess it should.

(PS. in 2.2.9[789] the default config is somehow different, I always get a
third charset no matter what my locale is. Hence I always used the config
files from <=2.2.96 or >=2.3.0 (this didn't make a difference at all) to get
the described behavior, which looks buggy if fontconfig library is >=2.2.97.)


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