[Fontconfig] Font config patterns

pps i-love-spam at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 23 08:48:51 PST 2006

Hi there
I'm using gd graphics library with fontconfig on win32 (vc++ 7.1). I 
tweaked some of the part of the code to make it work on windows. I use 
2.3.2 version,  I tried to first tweak 2.3.94 but I quit - with mmap I 
wasn't sure how and why it works this way. If anyone interested I would 
be happy to help make it work on windows - there's not much I needed to 

Basicly I have this question. What kind of patterns I can use with 
fontconfig? All I know is arial:bold:italic (and various substitutes 
from bold & italic), what about hinting kerning etc (and other 
parameters), can I set it through a fontconfig pattern?? I used fc-list 
code to get the list of available fonts on the system and then in my app 
I have dropdown list to select fonts, but some of the fonts just don't 
work - I always get this error: Could not set character size (font 
pattern: WST_Engl). Then with some I get this error: Problem rendering 
glyph (font: Brush Script MT with size 4pt, with bigger sizes works ok, 
but at the same time my browser shows this fonts at this size correctly)

For some fonts :bold and/or :italic don't change anything. They are 
still the same, however in the browser, this (if I set this properties 
through css) this is displayed correctly. (for ex.: font Agency FB. bold 
has effect, but italic doesn't change anything, with browser everything 
is OK)

is ther's something wrong with the font.conf? What's wrong, why browser 
can display this stuff, but fontconfig cannot?


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