[Fontconfig] Installing configuration examples

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Sep 2 09:02:10 PDT 2006

Right now, we install a pile of configuration examples
to /etc/fonts/conf.d. I don't think that's a good plan.

There are two obvious alternatives -- the first is to just stick them
in /usr/share/doc/fontconfig/examples and let people pull the ones they
want into /etc/fonts/conf.d. That would allow us to ship a lot more
examples and catagorize them as appropriate. It would, however, make it
harder for us to maintain those configuration files and update them in
future releases.

The second alternative is to stick them in /etc/fonts/conf.available and
then let people symlink the desired ones into conf.d.

Both of these approaches would let us prescribe suitable numeric
prefixes for the filenames, something the current system lacks. And,
both would let us catagorize the examples by function.

Perhaps a mix of the two approaches where the 'officially supported'
snippets live in /etc/fonts and the 'examples' snippets live
in /usr/share/doc/fontconfig/exmaples?

keith.packard at intel.com
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