[Fontconfig] Interrogating arbitrary font files

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 09:43:47 PST 2007

 The only practical Python Freetype module I have found is in the Python 
Imaging Library and that only lets me see the family name and style of a 
given font file. I can't even tell how many sub-faces are in a file and must 
rely on a while (True) with error catching to break out!

 Is there any way to get the other meta info (like foundry and copyright) out 
of an *arbitrary* font file? I wanted to call fc-match from within Python, 
but from what I can see it only searches fonts that FC controls and that 
means arbitrary fonts won't work.

Just wondering if there is something standard, small on resources and widely 
installed and updated that I can rely on (via Python, popen or otherwise) to 
query fonts.

If so, great. If not then I'll get onto the PIL list and try to get them to 
beef-up the interface to FT2.


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