[Fontconfig] Type1 ugliness

Pásztor Szilárd don at sztaki.hu
Tue Feb 13 10:19:24 PST 2007


  Sorry if my question has been asked before but I couldn't find any solution
so far.
  I'm having problems with Type1 font rendering.
After enabling the bytecode interpreter, my truetype fonts look great, but
Type1 ones were not affected (certainly). However, they should be, as they
look like this (I've completely disabled antialiasing to let the results


You can notice that both the toolbar font and the text font are screwed,
whereas in xfontsel they show up as they should:


This leads me to the conclusion that probably Xft/fontconfig may be
responsible for the problem. If indeed it is, could someone help me out?

I'm using Fedora core 6 (not that it matters) and an almost default fontconfig


    |  WinErr: 01B Illegal error - You are not allowed to get this error.  |
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