[Fontconfig] Patch: avoid crashes is config files contain junk

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Wed Feb 21 09:11:58 PST 2007

If ~/.fonts.conf contains:

  <edit mode="assign_replace" name="spacing">

fontconfig crashes:

    mfabian at magellan:~$ fc-match sans
    Fontconfig error: "~/.fonts.conf", line 46: "mono": not a valid integer
    セグメンテーション違反です (core dumped)
    mfabian at magellan:~$

Of course the above is nonsense, “mono” is no valid integer indeed.

But I think nevertheless fontconfig should not crash in that case.

A patch is attached. 

Mike FABIAN   <mfabian at suse.de>   http://www.suse.de/~mfabian
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