[Fontconfig] Announcing Fontconfig 2.4.92 (2.5 RC2)

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Wed Nov 7 03:45:49 PST 2007

Le Mer 7 novembre 2007 11:46, Frederic Crozat a écrit :

> for serif and sans-serif, we are favoring DejaVu over Bitstream Vera
> (since Vera is not changing anymore, unlike DejaVu which is also
> changing for latin glyphs). Should we do the same upstream ?

I've pushed upstream (@dejavu) the fontconfig files we use to achieve
this effect @fedora. If the fonconfig maintainers stance on Dejavu
changed they could be moved to fontconfig. Last time the issue vas
discussed there was some opposition to preferring dejavu at the
fontconfig level.

Also I rather prefer distributed policy in separate files, since that
means they're only deployed if the font packages themselves are
installed on the system (instead of mucking with .avail symlinks, and
trying to manage a centralised policy everyone patches anyway).

> Related question : we are favoring free fonts (also because we aren't
> enabling patented bytecode interpreter) over MS fonts, by pushing Luxi
> and Nimbus over Verdana and Arial (or Andale Mono, Courier New).

We're dropping Luxi @fedora since the license forbids modification and
you have alternatives with more liberal licenses available nowadays.


Nicolas Mailhot

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