[Fontconfig] Nimbus Sans L Condensed

Bob Tennent rdtennent at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 11:10:24 PST 2008

 >|On my gentoo laptop those fonts are
 >|installed in /usr/share/fonts/urw-fonts and thus are available via
 >|:; fc-cat /usr/share/fonts/urw-fonts|egrep Conden|cut -c-78
 >|"n019043l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L Condensed:style=Regular:slant=0:weight=80:widt
 >|"n019044l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L Condensed:style=Bold:slant=0:weight=200:width=
 >|"n019063l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L Condensed:style=Regular Italic:slant=100:weigh
 >|"n019064l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L Condensed:style=Bold Italic:slant=100:weight=2

I get 

% fc-cat Type1 |egrep Conden|cut -c-78
"n019043l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed:slant=0:weight=80:widt
"n019044l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed:slant=0:weight=200:width=
"n019063l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed Italic:slant=100:weigh
"n019064l.pfb" 0 "Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed Italic:slant=100:weight=2

Why the difference? Your configuration treats Condensed as part of the
family; mine treats it as part of the style.

Bob T.

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