[Fontconfig] update 65-nonlatin and better default CJK support

Qianqian Fang fangq at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 4 07:32:22 PST 2009


some of you might have already noticed the discussions
on the matter of 65-nonlatin and CJK supports. It
has been going on for a while, but because there are
different voices, so, it has progressed very slowly.
you can find the full discussions at


it boils down to two solutions, one is described
in comments 73 and 77, the other is in comment 78.
The first one was fully tested on all combinations 
of locales and font aliases and works as expected.
No one have tested the second proposal AFAIK.

Since fontconfig does not provide a good CJK support
out-of-box as it does for Latins, I urge the developers
to seriously consider these proposals and give a time
frame to implement this. I can assure you that this
will bring a great life saving to CJK users (yes, what
you are seeing on your bugzilla is only the tip of the 
iceberg as most people complain this on their own
forums. I can give you plenty of links as proof,
if you can read Chinese).


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