[Fontconfig] Cache and FAT

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Wed Dec 9 03:43:41 PST 2009

Twas brillig at 13:37:36 09.12.2009 UTC+02 when tml at iki.fi did gyre and gimble:

 >> 1) User puts fonts on SD card
 >> 2) User inserts SD card into Linux-based device
 >> 3) Fontconfig caches on device are screwed due to screwed timestamps

 TL> Yeah, good point. So some platform-specific way to find out the
 TL> file system type should then be used on non-Windows to determine
 TL> whether to do it (and do it always on Windows)?

Yep, like statfs(2) on Linux or BSD.

Windows updates mtime timestamps on NTFS directories, so this workaround
is not necessary there.

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