[Fontconfig] Cache and FAT

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Wed Dec 9 10:16:17 PST 2009

Twas brillig at 13:12:44 09.12.2009 UTC-05 when behdad at behdad.org did gyre and gimble:

 BE> But why would someone cache fonts on an SD card from a Linux
 BE> system?

Due to precisely same reason why there is ~/.fonts in typical fontconfig

 BE> If the whole system is on the SD card, it's definitely not FAT.

No, it's not. It's the user-accessible part of device, like $HOME on
PC. Thanks to one OS the only sane choice FS for SD cards is FAT.

 BE> I don't think we have to handle that case.

Then I will have to keep my patch outside of main tree. What a wonderful

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