[Fontconfig] Trouble forcing rescanning of font dirs

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Mon Feb 2 05:01:53 PST 2009

Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at behdad.org> さんは書きました:

> I doubt you really mean "recently".  Anyway, that was not a mistake.  That
> line will cause lots of problems with clock skews and changes (which are not
> uncommon at new installations).  Instead, the cache stores the dir timestamp,
> and the two are compared for equality.

OK, but it is very important to fix this, currently it really doesn’t
work.  I just forgot to post our patch because of the chaos when
releasing openSUSE 11.1 but this is really important.

> I think the approach Diego proposes may be real the fix.  However, I'm
> puzzled as live font installation and uninstallation both work for me
> correctly.  I'll check it out again.

Does the test I did in 


work for you?

For me it does not work without my patch.

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