[Fontconfig] Various patches for fontconfig

Diego Santa Cruz Diego.SantaCruz at spinetix.com
Tue Feb 3 05:23:53 PST 2009

Dear all,

Please find attached the fontconfig patches that we are currently using
to fix various issues. Feel free to merge these patches upstream.

- fontconfig-2.6.0-win32-full-path.patch
	fix bogus use of GetFullPathName on Win32; the last argument is
a pointer to char* not a char buffer.

- fontconfig-2.6.0-decl.patch
	fix C++ style declarations to work with non-gcc C compilers

- fontconfig-2.6.0-APPSHAREFONTDIR.patch
	introduce a new magic APPSHAREFONTDIR path in the configuration
file to mean ../share/fonts with respect to the executable location

- fontconfig-2.6.0-Win32-netpath.patch
	fix FcConvertDosPath() to not remove leading '\\' so that
network paths work under Win32

- fontconfig-2.6.0-cache-validation.patch
	if the in memory and on disk caches are the same validate that
the cache is still up to date, otherwise runtime font installation does
not work until fc-cache or some other app rebuilds the cache file.

- fontconfig-2.6.0-cache-insert.patch
	when a cache is rebuilt and inserted into the linked list of
caches the stat data should be brought up to date once the cache is
written to disk, otherwise the next time the cache is verified it will
be reloaded even if the in memory version matches the on disk cache.

- fontconfig-2.6.0-Win32-atomic-replace.patch
	under Windows an mmap'ed file cannot be removed so
FcAtomicReplaceOrig() fails if the old cache is larger than
FC_CACHE_MIN_MMAP and is still open (either by the same or other app);
this patch workarounds this issue by renaming the old cache file if the
unlink fails. Note that with this patch fontconfig may leave .OLD cache
files around, but I do not have a better idea on how to overcome this.

Feedback is of course always welcome.



Diego Santa Cruz, PhD
Technology Architect
SpinetiX S.A.
Rue des Terreaux 17
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T +41 21 341 15 50
F +41 21 311 19 56
diego.santacruz at spinetix.com

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