[Fontconfig] Time to kill the fontconfig wiki?

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Dec 1 07:35:46 PST 2010

Michael Garvin wrote:
> Sacrificing collaboration because of the spammers (moving to static
> pages) seems undesirable :(  Are there options to make it more secure? 
> Improving security is probably a good investment.

Can you find a single page in the fontconfig wiki that anyone has ever
collaborated on?    Other than the front page, which is locked, the only
other pages in the wiki about fontconfig itself are the old release notes
that Keith posted years ago.

If it was actually being used, like some of the other wiki's on freedesktop,
I would suggest better policing - we greatly reduced spam in some of the
other wikis by simply nuking it quickly so that the spammers moved on to
targets like fontconfig where their spam lasted longer, and by keeping the
spam words blacklist updated to block the domains they were trying to link to.

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