[Fontconfig] Making family names returned by FcFreeTypeQueryFace locale aware?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Tue Dec 28 04:17:06 PST 2010

Le Mar 28 décembre 2010 11:56, Jjgod Jiang a écrit :
ny suggestions?
> Anyone have any opinion about this question?

For font name resolution to work, fontconfig needs to compute a master id for
internal use for each font and accept all the (localized, postscript, etc)
aliases from apps (not require the master id however it is computed)

It is not possible to require apps to pass a specific font name (if only
because al lot of stuff nowadays is CSS, and CSS can contain any of the
various names associated with a font).

I doubt trying to make a localized name the master id will work, if only
because on a modern system, different apps can be launched with different
locale parameters (on multiuser systems, and even on single-user systems when
the user is multilingual)

Nicolas Mailhot

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