[Fontconfig] fc-cache does not work with Cygwin

Michael Garvin mike at littlemdesign.com
Sun Nov 28 23:24:03 PST 2010

Some additional detail; I set FC_DEBUG=8063 and ran an unmodified version of



        Loading config file /etc/fonts/fonts.conf



cache scan dir /usr/share/fonts/Type1


using FreeType family "Utopia"

using FreeType style "Bold Italic"

        Type1 weight Bold maps to 200

        Style Bold Italic maps to width -1

        Style Bold Italic maps to slant 100

        Style Bold Italic maps to decorative 0

font charset

        0000: 00000000 ffffffff ffffffff 7fffffff 00000000 ffffffff ffffffff

        0001: 00000000 00020000 000c0006 61000003 00040000 00000000 00000000



<does the build up of the font cache for that directory in memory>


charsets 29 -> 4 leaves 251 -> 24

FcDirCacheWriteDir dir "/usr/share/fonts/Type1" file

/usr/share/fonts/Type1: failed to write cache

Fc Memory Usage:

           Which       Alloc           Free           Active

                   count   bytes   count   bytes   count   bytes

         charset    3970   74626    3970   32362       0   42264


Some how (not sure how), it is managing to get through to the section of
code where it actually tries to write out to disk.  But.that is failing as
well.  I'll dig deeper to see if I can identify why the default Cygwin
binary is getting to that stage and the one compiled from source is not.  I
think the Cygwin one might be patched somehow.  Still fails though L









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Hi, I've been trying to fix the problem with all of my Cygwin (Widnows XP)
Gtk and Qt applications being slow (taking about 5minutes to startup).  I've
been able to verify that the issue is due to Freetype being used, and in
turn; font-config being used to list off the available fonts on startup. The
problem is that font-config never actually caches anything, so any
font-config using application, has the same (realliy bad) start up
time.every time.


I tried running fc-cache manually but to no avail; I double checked time
stamps, having write permission any problems with the configuration file,
bad install of the Cygwin packages etc, but no matter what, fc-cache always
fails on all possible font directories with:


  failed to write cache


After googling around trying all the suggested solutions, nothing was
helping, and I ran strace and looked through the detailed system calls.  It
turns out fc-cache tries to open cache files in read only mode.    Which
means there is no way it can create cache files L 


So, I downloaded the source, compiled it up and added printf statements
throughout the call chain from scanDirs() downwards, and picked a single
directory to try and cache (the Type1 fonts directory for Cygwin).  This is
what I see:


bash-3.2$ ./fc-cache.exe --force --really-force /usr/share/fonts/Type1/

X: FcDirCacheValid /usr/share/fonts/Type1

X: FcDirCacheValidConfig calling through to FcDirCacheProcess

X: FcDirCacheProcess

X: FcDirCacheProcess

X: opening

X: FcDirCacheProcess fd=-1

/usr/share/fonts/Type1: failed to write cache



The X: . lines are my printf statements I added to the code. 


I looked through the code by hand, from main(), to scanDirs() and downwards,
there is no possible way that I can see for fc-cache to actually create
caches on disk.   The code that prints out the failed to write cache message
is just calling FcDirCacheValid(), but this function is not used to create
cache files (the error message of "write failed is meaningless), only to
open then and check that they are valid (hence strace shows opening of cache
files in read only mode with no creat flag..consistent at least).


So from what I can tell, fc-cache is not the program to use to populate the
font caches the very first time.  


My question is, what program do I use?  Can you update your documentation to
correctly point to the right program to use?  


This has been very frustrating to try and track down.   I guess when I have
time next, I'll try to understand the "init" call tree that actually does
call the functions which build cache files (FcDirCacheScan), and maybe write
a little program that specificalliy calls those functions so I can get my
caches populated, but I really don't think I should have to do that.
fc-cache should work as its manpage says L 





Michael Garvin

mgarvin at bell.net












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