[Fontconfig] fc-cache does not work with Cygwin

Michael Garvin mike at littlemdesign.com
Mon Nov 29 00:41:00 PST 2010

Hi again, ok the is resolved for me; I'm on Windows XP (FAT32 files sytem),
so hard linking is not supported.  For now, I've updated the file lock code
like this:


#undef HAVE_LINK


I wasn't sure if using symlink would be valid in the context of lock files
so I just switched it to using a directory.  It works fine now J


Not sure how many people out there are going to use this stuff on an XP
machine with FAT32 file systems, under cygwin, but if you could add more
verbose error messages around the failure conditions it would help debug
things a lot quicker.  It took me all night to bottom this out L I think a
lot of people would have just disabled freetype. L






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Hi, ok so I dug in deeper and it seems that fontconfig's method of file
locking isn't really compatibile with cygwin (or cygwin doesn't fully
emulate Linux).  


When font config tries to "hard link" tempory lock file, cygwin gives a
permission denied error.  I can replicate it by commenting out the unlink()
calls and then from the command line trying a 'link' from the mkstemp file
to some name.


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