[Fontconfig] Unicode Viewer released

Harald Vajkonny vajkonny at t-online.de
Mon Oct 18 02:27:07 PDT 2010

Dear friends,

we are pleased to announce that the first version of "Unicode Viewer" is
now available for download.

Unicode Viewer is a tool for browsing Unicode tables to obtain detailed
information about every glyph. It provides a GUI with multiple functions
for navigating through the data and a Lua scripting interface to create
new functions. It also displays each glyph's DUCET-information and
allows sorting according to an order specified in an allkeys.txt-File.
Sort order tailoring is not yet implemented but about to come.

It runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows machines.

Please visitit the project's page:

For the impatient, you may also (on Linux):
    svn co https://ucviewer.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ucviewer  ucviewer
    sudo make install

If you want to leave a comment about your experience with this program
or want to become a developer, please subscribe to the project's mailing

Best regards,
Harald Vajkonny

(I hope, I did not break any rules by posting this announcement here)

"Wouldn't the sentence 'I want to put a hyphen between the words Fish
and And and And and Chips in my Fish-And-Chips sign' have been clearer
if quotation marks had been placed before Fish, and between Fish and
and, and and and And, and And and and, and and and And, and And and
and, and and and Chips, as well as after Chips?"

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