[Fontconfig] Use english font face names instead of system locale

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Wed Apr 6 08:00:50 PDT 2011

[+fontconfig list]

This is re Bug 27765 - FcMatch() returns style in wrong language


On 04/05/11 04:30, Ulrich von Zadow wrote:
>>>>> Actually right now fontconfig is buggy and returns the first style name, no
>>>>> matter what language that is. :(  I plan to fix it, but don't have time to
>>>>> spend on fontconfig immediately.  It's somewhere there in fontconfig bugzilla.
> I'd be glad for any pointers...

This is how I think this should be fixed:

Add a new element FC_NAME_LANG="namelang".

In FcFreeTypeQuery, perhaps set FC_NAME_LANG to the intersection of
FC_FAMILY_LANG and FC_STYLE_LANG.  Or maybe don't.  Not going to use this

In FcConfigDefault, if FC_NAME_LANG is empty, fill it in from default locale
language.  Then if FC_FAMILY_LANG is empty, copy it from FC_NAME_LANG.  Same
for FC_STYLE_LANG and FC_FULLNAME_LANG.  This way, FC_NAME_LANG is how the
user will request names in a particular language.

In FcFontRenderPrepare, when deciding what FC_FAMILY and FC_STYLE to choose,
choose the first one that has a _LANG equivalent present in the query
pattern's respective _LANG element.

That should do it.


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