[Fontconfig] Default font size

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Wed Aug 24 16:18:08 PDT 2011


On 08/24/11 12:10 PM, Aekold Helbrass wrote:
> Tell me please is it possible to set font sizes in fontconfig? I've
> configured hinting, rendering and antialiasing settings system-wide
> and it works great, but still my KDE is using 8pt fonts, gnome apps by
> default are 9 or 10, and java apps are 11 or 12. I'd like to configure
> those settings system-wide...

In this case the problem could rather be that all those toolkits have 
their own understanding of the default font size, which they already 
supply to fontconfig when looking up their font.

It is certainly possible to map all pixel sizes between say, 8 and 12 of 
a particular font to a single size using fontconfig, thus overriding 
what applications provide, but I don't think that's very wise, since it 
will also affect places where fonts shouldn't be altered (e. g. Firefox 
window content).

Toolkits normally check a few places for font settings -- for example 
(but probably not limited to):

(2) System-wide toolkit-specific config files (qtrc, gtkrc -- the latter 
also for the Java GTK L&F). Note: this will use theme-specific config, 
if a theme is set in XSETTINGS.
(3) User's toolkit-specific config files (same but in home directory)
(4) App-specific config files (for example, Firefox supports CSS files)
(5) User's app-specific config files (same but in home directory)

Toolkit configuration can also be overridden with environment variables 

Your best bet might be a GTK/Qt theme integration package. AFAIK most 
KDE-based distributions used to have such a thing, but I admit I have 
little experience with KDE. If you already use one and it doesn't work, 
well, then I guess some trussing and file-editing is in order :) or 
asking somewhere where the KDE gurus lurk..


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