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Sairus Patel sppatel at adobe.com
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My understanding is that if the FontConfig config files don't provide mappings for "sans-serif" and friends on a particular system, you're out of luck as far as FontConfig APIs go.

Furthermore, there are no official keywords for such generic family names: it all depends on what keywords are used in that system's config files. That said, the default configs that come with FontConfig use a specific set of keywords and it probably wouldn't be wise to use different ones when setting up the system.


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Hi All!

I have possibly lame question, but I still need answer...

On my system I have aliases and list of font preferences, so using
family "sans-serif" and "monospace" works great. But are there systems
without those aliases and if there are - how can I get preferred sans
or monospaced font from fontconfig?

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