[Fontconfig] Catching sans-serif fonts

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Sun Apr 1 11:02:17 PDT 2012


ben.guillon wrote:
> This font is put in the sans-serif generic family group thanks to the
> /etc/fonts/conf.avail/45-latin.conf:
> <!--
> Sans-serif faces
> -->
> <alias>
> <family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
> <family>DejaVu Sans</family>
> <family>Liberation Sans</family>
> <family>Arial</family>
> <family>Helvetica</family>
> <family>Verdana</family>
> <family>Albany AMT</family>
> <family>Albany</family>
> <family>Nimbus Sans L</family>
> <family>Luxi Sans</family>
> <default><family>sans-serif</family></default>
> </alias>

I believe this rule works the other way round (matches what's in 
<family>, not in <default>).

Other examples are in 60-latin.conf. If you insert Liberation Sans there 
in the <prefer> list for the sans-serif alias, the position of 
Liberation Sans in the sorted list should go up.

But on my system, the pruning done by --sort (which apparently 
corresponds to the 'trim' argument of FcFontSort(3)) weeds out 
Liberation Sans; --all however should include it in any case.

So, 'fc-match --all sans-serif|nl|grep Liberation\ Sans' should give you 
lower line numbers when you adjust 60-latin.conf.


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