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Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Fri Apr 20 11:16:35 PDT 2012


>> I've had a plan to convert the bitmap X fonts to otf format, which
would eliminate PCF/BDF code from the X server...
> Forgive the naive question.
> Regarding fixed fonts, would conversion be possible without loss of
> I am thinking of GNU/Unifont (used by grub's menu for instance), which
is available both in PCF & TTF form. As it hapens, the TTF version as
rendered on an xterm is practically illegible.

In order to turn a bitmap font into a TTF/OTF form that renders
identically for the same pixel size, the various options that people have
come up with are

(1) embedded bitmaps
(2) outlines & bytecode hinting
(3) converting every pixel into a square outline

I think that GNU Unifont uses option #3. Depending on the renderer's
configuration and the actual pixel size used, this might give unsatisfying
results (although I have little experience with this particular font).

Also: If you used Unifont as server-side X font, the renderer would be
running on the X server; if you used an Xft font ('-fa' argument to
xterm), the renderer would be running on the client. Even if the PCF
renderer should someday be dropped from your X server, you could still use
the client-side renderer.

So there's no need to panic :-) I personally guarantee that I will fork
whatever is necessary to keep my beloved X11 bitmap fonts, at least as
long as I still use a < 200 dpi display :-)


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