[Fontconfig] Questionable usage of FcPatternAddInteger()

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Sat Apr 28 09:06:32 PDT 2012

Akira TAGOH wrote:
> Since FC_SPACING also affects to the score estimation, looking good to
> you when getting rid of that line was just happened to work.  As I
> mentioned in the previous mail, mistake to what you want to do may be
> you did give FcTrue to trim in FcFontSort (). you can try to compare the

I believe Akira is right, I just checked in the source of 
cups-filters-1.0.16 that is mentioned in the original bug report and it 
seems that like in your example, trim is enabled in texttopdf.c:67, 
which is not a very good idea because -- depending on the fontconfig 
configuration -- the first font that satisfies the application's 
requirement might appear further down the list.

(I'm also not too positive about passing 0 as pointer to 'result'. Is 
that allowed for FcFontSort()?)


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