[Fontconfig] Questionable usage of FcPatternAddInteger()

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Mon Apr 30 05:34:52 PDT 2012

On Mon, April 30, 2012 14:14, Fabian Greffrath wrote:
> Am 30.04.2012 12:50, schrieb Raimund Steger:
>> It will be assigned to, so it would have to be a non-null pointer, like:
>>    FcResult result;
>>    [...]
>>    candidates = FcFontSort (0, pattern, FcTrue, 0,&result);
> Alright, but I still don't get it. This variable is unused, even in
> the fc-match code. What's its purpose actually?

Its value will be set to indicate whether there was a match
(FcResultMatch), no match (FcResultNoMatch), or error
(FcResultTypeMismatch, maybe others as well). The first two of these
options coincide with (candidates&&candidates->nfonts>0). See


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