[Fontconfig] why this font breaks Arial?

Paul Flo Williams paul at frixxon.co.uk
Mon Apr 30 10:00:58 PDT 2012

Ilya Basin wrote:
> PFW> Ilya Basin wrote:
>>> Hi. The attached font ANA-ONEIROPARMENI82.TTF has internal name
>>> ANA-OneiroparmEni82 and I have Arial.ttf installed. But if I install
>>> this font, it replaces Arial (only Arial Regular) in applications.
>>> Why?
> PFW> If you look at the complete name table, you'll see why: that font
> says
> PFW> that it is Arial in most of the fields. The person who changed the
> name
> PFW> table even left most of the Monotype trademarks intact.
> Please suggest me a tool to fix the font. I'm not familiar with this
> stuff. I tried fontforge Element->Font Info, but the only reference to
> Arial I found is TTF Names/Trademark.

It's best not to start by modifying Arial. You should start from scratch,
and then this problem doesn't arise.

For some reason, FontForge isn't displaying all the alternative language
name strings that are set to "Arial" in the font, but TTX/FontTools will
show you what they are.

To fix it, I'd suggest you save your font to SFD, load that SFD into
FontForge and regenerate it.

You can see how Fontconfig understands your font with the tool fc-query. Type

fc-query nameoffontfile.ttf

and look at the lines starting "family:" and "fullname:". For the font you
attached, you'll see Arial in there. When that's gone, it's fixed.

Paul Flo Williams

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