[Fontconfig] how to read config file from current dir (relative to a binary using the lib)

Helmut Tessarek ml at evermeet.cx
Mon Aug 27 21:17:46 PDT 2012

On 27.08.12 21:15 , Akira TAGOH wrote:
> Not that weird if it's a separate process and it's not on parent-child
> relationship, because the env vars that is set on the child process
> isn't reflected to the parent nor another child processes. you have to
> do it on the parent process before starting a child process or wrap it
> up with the shell script or the batch file.

Well, ffmpeg calls the fontconfig functions so it has the same environment.

Even, if a sub-process was spawned or a thread created it would still have the
same environment. But this is not the case. FFmpeg is just calling fontconfig
functions. Thus setting an env var in ffmpeg should get picked up by the
fontconfig lib. And this is exactly my point. I have no idea why it does not
get picked up.


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