[Fontconfig] Heads up: Droid fonts update in Rawhide

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Sun Jul 15 18:55:17 PDT 2012

On 07/15/2012 06:01 PM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> C. I tried to dispatch the Arabic variants in the Latin family they were
>>> >> designed to complement, but I may have misunderstood the design info
>>> >> available online.
>> >
>> > Please clarify 'dispatch' :-)
> Kufi with Sans (masquerading as the Arabic block of Droid Sans) and Naskh
> with Serif the same way (see the long fontconfig ruleset I referenced)
> http://www.29arabicletters.com/foundry/?m=1-1-1&fid=26
> states Naskh was designed to complement Serif
> and
> https://code.google.com/p/chromium-os/issues/detail?id=17382
> that chromium uses Kufi with Sans

That may have been the case, but it is my personal understanding that we
should dispatch Naskh with both Sans and Serif.  Kufi is a horrible font for
body text.


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