[Fontconfig] Heads up: Droid fonts update in Rawhide

Akira TAGOH akira at tagoh.org
Thu Jul 26 00:32:56 PDT 2012

On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 9:42 AM, Raimund Steger <rs at mytum.de> wrote:
> That also struck me as odd -- the rules for DroidSansJapanese.ttf, right? I
> suppose one could use edits instead, to add or replace 'lang' properties as
> needed for the later match, or use target="pattern" rules for that face.

Yeah, it is. but doing the same thing on target="pattern" doesn't help
because it doesn't take effects as expected when getting the real
substitute font, because, given that one wants to maintain those
families as Droid Sans and asking fontconfig for the substitute font,
DroidSansJapanese.ttf is still recognized as Droid Sans Japanese in
fontconfig. i.e. Droid Sans Japanese in the pattern won't pick up
Droid Sans and vice versa.

That's why it has to be done in target="scan" time to make unified
font family. but once it's unified, there are no way to exclude
particular glyphs for certain languages. what options we have so far
is to use a font or not.

> Yes it is possible to append or replace multiple family names at scan time,
> so that "Droid Sans Japanese" becomes "Droid Serif,Droid Sans" which matches

Well, I see what Nicolas wants to do here. since Japanese characters
on Unicode's CJK Unified Ideographs is a subset of Chinese characters,
I think he wanted to avoid picking Droid Sans Japanese up for Chinese

So once integrating all of Droid fonts families into Driod *, it's
hard to recognize variants later.


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