[Fontconfig] FontConfig font selection problem

Eagle Burkut eagle.burkut at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 17:30:17 PDT 2012

Dear FontConfig developers, maintainers,

FontConfig is used by Ubuntu and I have a problem/question about Ubuntu
and/or FontConfig. I asked Ubuntu developer/maintainer and they asked me to
ask FontConfig.

When Ubuntu is being installed and used, there is a need to use different
fonts for different language/scrip/writing systems. When I use it in Uyghur
(Uighur), the system picks up another bad font for all GUI. That bad font
even does not support the necessary/required code points/glyphs, and thus
the GUI is full of bugs and it is hard to read/comprehend.

I contacted Ubuntu developers/maintainers about this issue and was told
that there is something called fontconfig snippet which they do not know
well enough.

So I am here to ask your help. I have couple of questions:

(1) Why does the fontconfig select the font poorly here, even selecting a
font which does not support the required code points and or glyphs?

(2) Is the any way to tell/force fontconfig to use a font for the given
language environment / writing system / scripts?

Thank you.
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