[Fontconfig] Lucida Sans/Grande/Unicode matching confusion

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Tue May 1 02:07:36 PDT 2012

S Page wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 04:45, Raimund Steger<rs at mytum.de>  wrote:
>> If all you want is an alias for "Lucida Sans", the following in
>> ~/.fonts.conf should work:
>> ...
> Thanks! I mention both Lucida Sans and Lucida Grande in one alias and
> it seems to work:
>   <alias>
>    <family>Lucida Sans</family>
>    <family>Lucida Grande</family>
>    <accept>
>     <family>Lucida Sans Unicode</family>
>    </accept>
>   </alias>

Hm, normally only one <family> is supported in the left hand side of an 
alias rule I think. See fontconfig-user.html or:


>> However: The spelling "Lucida Sans" is used by TTF fonts bundled with
>> certain Sun software (Solaris, JDK), so maybe you already have them, and
>> adding something like
>>   <dir>/usr/java/jre/lib/fonts</dir>  ...
> There don't appear to be any fonts in my "IcedTea6" OpenJDK.

I see, but if you should someday be in the need of further improving 
your legal situation (over using a borrowed copy of Lucida Sans 
Unicode), installing an Oracle JDK could be an idea.


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