[Fontconfig] whitespace issue in font names

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed May 30 23:09:46 PDT 2012

[This is fontconfig 2.8, but looking into the README file of the
 current git, I can't find something related, so I suspect it's still
 an issue.]

There is the font `dustismo_bold.ttf' (from openSuSE's `free-ttf-font'
package).  fc-scan gives the following output:

Pattern has 19 elts (size 32)
        family: "Dustismo"(s)
        familylang: "en"(s)
        style: " Bold"(s)
        stylelang: "en"(s)
        fullname: "Dustismo  Bold"(s)

I think that fontconfig should remove the superfluous space so that
the style is `Bold'.


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