[Fontconfig] CMakeLists.txt for fontconfig library (enables native compilation on windows)

Akira TAGOH akira at tagoh.org
Sun Oct 7 06:18:38 PDT 2012

First, AFAIK no one tried to build fontconfig for native build on
MSVC. as other projects has own Makefile for that and we don't have,
I'm not so surprised you got a problem then. also if you see any
problems in the code, you are welcome to contribute a patch to
fix/improve something for Win32 as other people has been done until
now. and I'm assuming that fontconfig can be built with mingw and
cygwin. if there are any problems, please file a bug.

That said I'm a bit concerned to import any cmake files into git,
because, though I learned cmake in other project recently, I didn't
feel any advantages compared to autotools. so I'm not planning to move
to cmake for fontconfig so far; assuming that, as cmake supports some
platforms and architectures, one may presume it may works instead of
autotools. it may be out of date eventually.

Anyway, I'm a bit opposed to importing it into git because you have
omitted the explanation why you ended up to write it instead of
patching out autotools files. I'm not so familiar with Win32 so I may
be missing something else.

On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 1:15 AM, Pavel Koshevoy <pkoshevoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've needed to debug a strange crash in fontconfig-2.10.1 library in my
> video player on winxp.   The mingw build of fontconfig was not working
> right, so I ended up making a cmake project for fontconfig (just the
> library, not any of the executables).  I've used this to generate a MSVS2005
> solution and build fontconfig natively.  I've also added a very thin
> portability layer to compensate for lack of dirent.h (and a couple other
> minor things) on windows.  If anyone is interested I can contribute a patch
> (I'll have to clean it up a little first).
>     Pavel.
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