[Fontconfig] Select by name + properties (italic/width)?

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Wed Oct 10 12:32:37 PDT 2012

mathog wrote:
> [...]
> However these came back just like plain "arial":
>    arial:width=50
>    arial:width=200
>    arial:width=ultracondensed
> and
>    arial normal
>    arial condensed
> both changed the font to Deja Sans, but glyph widths didn't vary (within
> that font).
> It didn't work with "Times" or "Times New Roman" either.
> Is there some trick for width/condensed?

Check with

   fc-list '' family width | grep -i arial

what combinations of family x width you actually have in the cache.

For example, I don't have an entry called 'Arial' that has any other 
width than 100. I do have 'Arial Narrow MT' but that's another family 
and to get it I have to use

   fc-match 'Arial Narrow MT'

'Arial Condensed' as in your example would be understood as family name 
by FcNameParse but if there's no appropriate rule in place it won't get 
mapped to 'Arial Narrow MT'.

So to get 'Arial:width=75' mapped to 'Arial Narrow MT', or to get 'Arial 
Condensed' mapped to the same, you'd have to write fontconfig rules.


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