[Fontconfig] Multiple values in <test> - Simple Solution?

Infinality infinality at infinality.net
Mon Sep 3 14:50:21 PDT 2012


I have some configurations that make gratuitous use of multiple values 
in <test>, to group certain families of fonts together, as shown below.  
My understanding is that the only "correct" way to do this now is to 
have an entire 
<match><test><string>NAME</string></test><edit></edit></match> for every 
single family!  Is there any simpler way to do what I would like?  If 
not, is it planned?


     <match target="font">
         <test name="family">
             <string>AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni</string>
             <string>Abril Fatface</string>
             <string>Alex Brush</string>
             <string>Alfa Slab One</string>
             <string>Alike Angular</string>
             <string>Allerta Stencil</string>
             <string>Almendra SC</string>
             <string>American Typewriter</string>
             <string>Annie Use Your Telescope</string>
             <string>Apple Garamond Light</string>
             <string>Apple Garamond</string>
             <string>Apple Symbols</string>
         <edit name="...." mode="assign">

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