[Fontconfig] Pango support for `size' OpenType feature?

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Wed Sep 12 08:06:33 PDT 2012

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> [...]
>> I'm not really sure how that applies to fontconfig, given its
>> different user interface (family and size are always matched in one
>> go)
> Exactly this is the problem...
>> and the fact that it already lists the Preferred Family first, which
>> should really suffice in most situations.
> Whether it is `sufficient' is not the question.  FontConfig shows both
> ID 1 and ID 16, which is good, and I think it is best if the `size'
> mechanism works for both names.

As I see it that would require major changes in the matcher because 
family name substitution is normally only possible through rules.
I'm rather certain it's not worth the effort (and additional user 
confusion), I can't imagine a use case for it and if there is one, I'd 
say it's better done with rules. (The tide might turn here someday 
though if some kind of native family grouping should be implemented.)

Even in that spec the following paragraph suggests that there should 
still be a way to select fonts by their unfiltered names. Let's just 
call the additional values in the 'family' property fontconfig's 
implementation of that suggestion.


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