[Fontconfig] Get FcPattern from face

Pranay Samanta pranay.samanta.work at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 21:04:34 PDT 2013


I was using pangoft2 and fontconfig for font rendering and one of my
requirement was to get PangoFontDescription from memory.
I found in the documentation FcFreetypeQuery is used to get FcPateern from
the font file and
FcFreetypeQueryFace is to get FcPattern from FT_Face.
But FcFreetypeQueryFace also takes a file name as argument which if not
given the FcPattern returned is null.
Initially when I was using Fontconfig 2.8.0 there was no such problem but
inbthe 2.10.92 release I found  there is a function
FcHashGetSHA256DigestFromFile introduced  using the argument file which is
returning null.
Please help me if there is any other way to get FcPattern using FT_Face
only and not the file name.

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