[Fontconfig] overwrite default boolean values

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Sun Feb 17 18:25:16 PST 2013

Akira TAGOH wrote:
> Hi,
> We seem having an issue in some recipes to overwrite the boolean value
> as a bug[1] is being reported. originally this change was supposed to
> not break the desktops' configuration and respect it. however it's
> broken now, because the default boolean values is set at
> FcDefaultSubstitute() prior to perform the target="font" matching rules.
> so when trying to evaluate 10-autohint.conf say, if there are no
> explicit boolean value to autohint object, "False" is always set.
> My proposal to fix this is to move such recipes to target="pattern". it
> would works since we've changed the behavior to inherit values in the
> pattern to the result.

Seems sensible to me. After all, FcDefaultSubstitute should be the 
fallback and not disable parts of the system configuration.


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