[Fontconfig] Courier New overrides monospace

Trung Ngo ndtrung4419 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 11:27:55 PDT 2013

Ngày 15/07/2013 17:37, Raimund Steger viết:
> Courier New should really render OK if you turn off AA for small pixel
> sizes and use the bytecode hinter. (That's what it was designed for, after
> all.)

I'm not familiar with how to use the bytecode hinter. Nevertheless, your 
two solutions yield unsatisfactory result, unfortunately. Turning off AA 
is a painful experience for my eyes and emboldening is, well, too bold 
for a regular typeface.

>> as a default. Liberation Mono, as its metric-compatible alternative with
>> similar language coverage should be chosen instead.
> I doubt it has:
> $ fc-list ':lang=vi' family|egrep 'Courier New|Liberation Mono'
> Courier New

Looks like your version of Liberation Mono is a bit out of date, I'm now 
on Ubuntu 12.04 with fonts-liberation version 1.07.0-2 and the command 
shows both Liberation Mono and Courier New.

How about putting Liberation Mono right before Courier New so that at 
least it has a chance to match?

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