[Fontconfig] Courier New overrides monospace

Trung Ngo ndtrung4419 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 12:04:04 PDT 2013

Ngày 16/07/2013 01:43, Werner LEMBERG viết:

> You might try the infinality patch set
> (http://www.infinality.net/blog/).  Look at the option
> INFINALITY_FT_USE_VARIOUS_TWEAKS which `Emboldens light and
> thin-stemmed glyphs automatically.'  It comes with a bunch of special
> settings to improve the rendering of Courier (with the auto-hinter).
> Note that I plan to integrate some of those patches into FreeType.
> However, I can't give any estimate when this will happen, sorry.

Thanks for pointing that out :D
In the best-case scenario, users wouldn't have to do anything to get 
proper font support. I'm looking forward to your patches in hope that 
might actually happen.

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