[Fontconfig] Courier New overrides monospace

Trung Ngo ndtrung4419 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 12:19:31 PDT 2013

Ngày 16/07/2013 02:11, Behdad Esfahbod viết:
> Then uninstall the font.  If it's available and the only font that (fontconfig
> thinks) has proper coverage for the language, it's going to be selected no
> matter what you put in the config files.  And that's the right thing to do.

Yes. That is sensible and I've thought of that too. But from the point 
of view of a distribution (I and my friend are making a 
Vietnamese-friendly distribution), you can't really control what font a 
user may install onto their system. And what if they really want Courier 
New for a poster designed in LibreOffice Writer?

My point is that I want ALL Linux distributions to benefit from a saner 
alternative to Courier New :)

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