[Fontconfig] Build issue help needed...

Akira TAGOH akira at tagoh.org
Mon Mar 18 23:08:03 PDT 2013

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 3:07 AM, Philip Schneider <philip at pixologic.com> wrote:
> FREETYPE_CFLAGS="-I/MyStuff/dev/external/FreeType/freetype-2.4.8/include"
> FREETYPE_LIBS=/MyStuff/dev/lib/Flash/build-flascc/lib/libfreetype.a
> EXPAT_LIBS=/MyStuff/dev/lib/Flash/build-flascc/lib/libexpat.a
> EXPAT_CFLAGS="-I/MyStuff/dev/external/expat/expat/expat/lib"

Use them instead of above *_LIBS:

FREETYPE_LIBS=-L/MyStuff/dev/lib/Flash/build-flascc/lib -lfreetype
EXPAT_LIBS=-L/MyStuff/dev/lib/Flash/build-flascc/lib -lexpat

That should works. please make sure you don't have shared libraries on
the same place.


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