[Fontconfig] fontconfig 2.10.91 crashing

Akira TAGOH akira at tagoh.org
Wed Mar 20 20:11:45 PDT 2013

Thanks for reporting.

The root cause was a long-standing issue which happens when one gives
NULL pattern to FcPatternGet*(). this should be fixed in git.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:33 PM,  <pgajdos at suse.cz> wrote:
> It does happen also for "Adobe Courier", but not for "DejaVu Sans" or
> "Liberation Sans".

This is because those fonts doesn't contain SFNT-based bitmap font.
hence 10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf wasn't applied.

Though calling FcConfigSubstitute with FcPattern returned by
FcFontMatch is meaningless. the result has already been done that


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