[Fontconfig] Some things should not be configured through files like fonts.conf

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Sun Apr 6 14:04:40 PDT 2014

Wolfgang Draxinger wrote:
> [...]
> The above setup is a reality for me and the quite unsatisfying
> "solution" is to either disable antialiasing on all machines or use
> grayscale everywhere.
> For some time you could use the X resource database to configure the
> font rasterization options; but AFAIK those have been removed. At least

Although my advice is to just configure grayscale AA everywhere (tablet 
OSes tend to prefer it exactly for the reasons you mentioned), it should 
be no problem for you (or your users) to either

(1) script something that adjusts fonts.conf dynamically depending on 
your needs (changes are picked up automatically after the rescan delay). 
Maybe someday some distribution or clever g-s-d config comes up with 
this too, but until then, I suppose you'd have to write it yourself...

(2) refrain from configuring AA with fontconfig and rely on XSETTINGS 
(not XRDB!). I think that's what the GNOME panel uses, too. See e. g. 
'dump_xsettings|grep RGBA'. The advantage is that it's exported along 
with the display. It can't apply per-font configuration, but can serve 
as default for further fontconfig adjustment.


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