[Fontconfig] too rigid ja.orth?

Akihiro TSUKADA tskd2 at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Apr 15 06:21:16 PDT 2014

> would be nice to see the difference in the fonts list with/without new ja.orth.
I have checked several free Japanese ttf/otf fonts.

1. tagged "ja" by both the original and the new ja.orth

Droid Sans Fallback [Legacy|Full]
IPA [P|ex]{Gothic|Mincho}
Sazanami {Gothic|Mincho}
VL [P]Gothic
wadalab {hoso|chu}maru gothic

2. "ja" by the new ja.orth, but not by the original

M+ {1|2}{c|p|m}
Sawarabi Gothic

3. "ja" by the original, but not by the new

Droid Sans Japanese (2 missing chars. Should I exclude them from new ja.orth?)

4. not "ja" by both
Sawarabi Mincho (many chars missing)


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