[Fontconfig] [PATCH v2] accept more Japanese fonts

Akihiro TSUKADA tskd2 at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Apr 17 04:44:12 PDT 2014

Re-base ja.orth on "Joyo Kanji List" instead of JIS X 0208.
This change cuts about 4200 characters off from the previous ja.orth
and allows more Japanese fonts to be tagged with "ja".

Difference in the list of "ja"-tagged Japanese fonts:

1. "ja" by the both versions of ja.orth

Droid Sans Japanese
Droid Sans Fallback [Legacy|Full]
IPA [P|ex]{Gothic|Mincho}
Sazanami {Gothic|Mincho}
VL [P]Gothic
wadalab {hoso|chu}maru gothic

2. "ja" by the new version, but not by the original

M+ {1|2}{c|p|m}
Sawarabi Gothic

3. "ja" by the original, but not by the new


4. not "ja" by the both

Sawarabi Mincho (many chars missing)

The previous version of ja.orth was based on JIS X 0208 (6879 chars).
It includes lots of un-common / obsolete characters and
slight variations of common characters that are used just in human names,
so the Japanese government issued (revised) a public notice in 2010 on the
list of commonly used chinese characters, "Joyo Kanji List" (2136 kanji's).

URL: http://www.bunka.go.jp/kokugo_nihongo/kokujikunrei_h221130.html
URL: http://x0213.org/joyo-kanji-code/index.en.html

It is basically a subset of JIS X 0213 and
is used in official documents, education.
The press also uses it with just some characters modifications,
thus it covers most frequently used codepoints.
Some (relatively new) fonts cover this list with atmost
a few characters exception, but not the whole JIS X 0208.

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