[Fontconfig] Improved zh_hk character check list (resend)

Abel Cheung abelcheung at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 23:05:55 PST 2014


(I sent this email yesterday without realizing I was unsubscribed, so
sending again)

I wish to submit an improved version of zh_hk.orth which reflects real
language usage instead of current one which blindly lists subset of
unicode BMP code points. The list contains:

- most frequent characters occuring in a crawled Hong Kong web page archive
- cantonese Wikipedia database dump, as well as
- a word recommendation list from a local linguist (who claims a font
shall be ready for basic usage in Hong Kong after making sure glyphs
in the list are created).

The new file checks for less than half of code point when compared
with previous one, but shall be able to cover >99.7% of real usage.

File will be attached directly since diff is larger than the existing
file itself, there are major changes.

Abel Cheung
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